Recommendations from past clients

Ms Jen Singer

I was first introduced to Donald near the tail end of a property negotiation, which was very much about to fall apart.  Due to my naive negotiating skills I was backed into a corner and the sellers were about to walk away. 

In a very short period of time, Donald was able to take the emotion out of the situation (it was running high on both sides) and devised a strategy which would ensure both sides felt they were winning.   Undertaking a significant amount of research on the area and comparable sales, he was able to overlay market predictions of COVID-19 potential impact and came up with a strategy which enabled me to secure the property at a fair price.
Donald’s advice, guidance and rationale approach not only recovered the deal but also left both the sellers and myself feeling happy with the outcome, which meant all parties were motivated to ensure that we hit target dates for exchange and closing. 
My only regret is that I was not introduced to Donald much earlier in the process.  I had already lost out on several properties due to my ‘take it or leave it’ negotiating style.   Additionally I was naive on the entire house buying process, which is very different from other countries.
Working with Donald has taking a lot of the stress and pressure off me.  He is not only a great sounding board but truly listens to what is important to me, prior to weighing it up with facts. 
Going forward I will be engaging Donald as my property advisor in all future investments.

Mr Matthew Lee

Donald Collins has been my sounding board for over a decade on all matters property related.

He has in-depth knowledge of market fundamentals matched with a pragmatic approach that helps get to the heart of the matter. He is an expert negotiator and calmly explains the state of play and advice for overcoming any obstacles.

Mr Andrew Shebbeare 

In a complex transaction with limited comparables and plenty of unknowns, Donald Collins helped focus our minds and keep our nerve to secure the outcome we needed. His experience and market knowledge should benefit anyone approaching a significant real estate transaction.