How we can help you minimise employee stress


Unquestionably, when it becomes time for employees to look to purchase their first property or undertake a major move in their life, this is the time that things can get a bit stressful for them and in turn this potentially affect their performance at work.

Aldermore, the mortgage lender, did a study whereby they reported that 52% of first-time buyers became ill at some point due to stress.

It is not surprising: think of all the stakeholders involved in the process who are looking for the buyer to make a decision through them.  The market is extremely fragmented and there is not a consistent quality of service available to buyers.

Collins AB operates in this field where we take the search criteria and maximise the efficiencies of our operation that then enables us to filter full search options, acting almost as a personal assistant for the buyer through the journey. 

We stand with buyers for their property journey, we work intensively for them when needed, and act as a sounding board when required.

It all begins with a webinar; please feel free to pass our details to your colleagues we can take them through the various stages involved on the journey.

The webinar only takes around 20 minutes to deliver, and the rest of the time is for questions and answers. 

If you think you or any colleagues would benefit from the webinar please get in touch and we are ready to assist.

How we can help you minimise employee stress