How to negotiate on your property purchase


Best position possible - Are you ‘buyer’ ready?

Mortgage in place.
Have you got your Agreement In Principle (AIP)? Do you clearly know the product you will go to once you have the offer accepted and you can action that product promptly?

Solicitor in place
Have you checked in with local estate agents to see if they have any recommendations? Have you spoken to friends, colleagues about their experiences?

There is nothing stopping you selecting the right solicitor pre-purchase, even if you don’t want to be committing funds to the solicitor initially, get the right one selected, and then you know you are in a buyer ready position ready to action the transaction.

Cleared funds for deposit
Are these coming from a sale? Are you under offer? Is there a timescale you are working towards in this sale? Has the money from this sale already been banked? Is the money held in stocks and shares? Do you need to start to liquidate these funds and hold them in a more secure account in preparation given possible stock market fluctuations?

How to negotiate on your property purchase