Context of Negotiation


What are your non-negotiables?
There is no point in looking at anything that conflicts with your list of non-negotiables. You cannot see the property on a comparison basis that conflicts with non-negotiable aims.

Quite often non-negotiable aims can form around the location. There are reasons why some locations work for individuals and families, and some good justification why these reasons cannot be conflicted with.

Great locations are expensive! There are reasons why you want the location you want and quite clearly these reasons will be replicated and amplified by other potential buyers.

Don’t cloud your judgement and compare properties from another location that you cannot consider. There is enough to concentrate on in your localised search area.

How many properties have you seen?

If you have viewed 6-8, you are starting to get a real focus over your localised search market.
Don’t think every property you go and see has to be on your ‘filtered’ list. Look at different types of options, look at homes developed to a high standard, look at homes needing work.
You need to open your mind to different options potentially forming, yes you are not going to countenance changes to your non-negotiables, but these non-negotiables can potentially be fulfilled in a way that you hadn’t previously considered.

How much do you want this home?

This is a challenging question; one you have to reconcile with the vendor’s expectation.

Every negotiation navigates the vendor’s appetite for moving on and your appetite to take over as custodian of a property for a number of years.

If you are buying your ‘forever’ home and the vendor is reluctant to give up their ‘forever’ then you will need to ensure the offer and what your presenting is a match for their expectations over what a sale would look like.

If you are purchasing a ‘stop-gap’ purchase or investment your standpoint of negotiation is a lot stronger especially if the person you are buying from is owning the property in a similar context.

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