Considering high density developments


We work with our clients to give them independent advice on purchasing property for investment.

We have no agenda of selling any new developments or particular property in geographical locations and will look to examine each and every potential purchase for our clients under their own merits.

When you purchase into a new build development you must ask yourself the question, how is this supply into the market going to be matched by the demand coming through.

You then have to ask yourself, how the service charge affects your rental income?  Are you getting value for money with the service charge?  What impact could the ground rent charges have for future years? 

These are all key questions that help determine whether your proposed purchase is the correct one for you.  You must get a full understanding of the spectrum of investment , how this purchase fits into your overall buy to let business plan model and if it is the best use of your capital.

Consider this to when buying in a high-density scheme, what happens when you have 4 or 5 other apartments on the market in the same building at the same time?  There is always someone typically more eager than you to get their apartment rented and this in turn impacts on your yield.

There’re other aspects to consider carefully within the spectrum of buy to let and our business exists to help clients like you make the right decision and get your allocated funds working as hard as possible for you. 

Please get in touch for more details and see how we can assist in helping you make the best purchasing decision possible.

Considering high density developments