Are you ready to move?


After years of being in the family home and enjoying so many memories and moments, it can be really difficult contemplating the next stage and looking to move.


Making a move is never easy, the dynamics have shifted in recent years with popularity of buy to let, the internet and today’s consumer culture.  It seems that dipping the toe in the water, seeing what is available is no longer a viable option and you need to be warped in the speed of it all.


This is where we hope we can help.  The first step is to organise a framework that works for you, we look to decipher


1)      The motivation to move – the heart of your decision

2)      The strategy for marketing and executing a move

3)      The timescale you are looking to achieve

4)      What the onward picture looks like


If we can get these four aspects covered, we know we are in a strong position to make the move a reality.  We want to take time and understand your reasons and motivations, if we can do this, then we know we are absolutely able to put you in an overall framework to succeed. 


We work with clients for years before moves become a reality.  We can even consult from an early stage over possible work to your home that will mean it is more marketable and gain better value when it comes to sell.


Speak to us today on a no obligation basis.  We can come and meet you and have a good discussion on what you are looking to do, the framework for moving, and how we can make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Are you ready to move?