Are we at the negotiating table?


How close to original hit list is your property?

If it’s matching your initial criteria then you have done brilliantly well!  Most buyers come away from their original list, their requirements squeeze, the compromises are made. 

It’s important that you see your search in this context, if you have found the right property then action on it and know what level you want to go to for it.


How do you know it’s right to start negotiating?

  • Does this purchase represent the answer to your biggest aim?
  • How many of your original requirements have been reconciled?
  • Compared to all the other properties you have viewed – detail your reactions to this one – if it helps write it down in a grid.


What can help you negotiate?

  • Can the agent explain the value?  How does the property stack up against other properties that you have seen on the market, and that are available?
  • What indications of offer acceptance have been made?  How are you factoring in the motivation shown by the agent and the vendor of the property?
  • Have you sold your own position, that you are possibly not selling a property so are in a chain-free position, the speed of transaction you can offer?  The flexible completion date? 


Send us into bat for you

Our business is negotiating on behalf of buyers and getting their purchase right.  We spend a long time with clients at the start of their journey and support them along the way before becoming involved in the negotiation when the time is right.


We also get involved for clients during their negotiation where they feel they are banging their head against a brick wall trying to purchase.  We can be effective at either end of the spectrum and we offer a bespoke fee option to achieve the best value for you at whatever level of engagement you require.


Get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

Are we at the negotiating table?