Online Property Workshops

Our vision to assist every buyer

Whether you are getting on the property ladder or looking for advice to help make your next move, we offer a complimentary live workshop giving advice on the main aspects of your property search and purchase.

Generally, the presentation will go through:

  • How to have an effective search
  • How to be prepared for viewings and agent interaction
  • Working towards making an offer
  • There is no requirement to use Collins Advisory & Brokerage for any future assignment and we utilise these workshops to keep our network engaged and informed.
Our vision to assist every buyer

Best Advice Principles

These workshops help fulfil our company’s vision to give every buyer access to our best advice principles regardless of budget or their desire to engage our full services.

Each presentation and follow on Q&A lasts around an hour. There is no ceiling on numbers and you can watch in private mode should you not wish to interact with the rest of the group.

Please email and we would be delighted to get you scheduled in.